5 Amazing Statistics about Direct Mail

5 Amazing Statistics about Direct Mail 


We hear these days that it is important for businesses to regularly create and promote compelling content.

Lets have a closer look. Although compelling content is a must the direct mail platform is becoming more and more overlooked, the focus in recent times has been to engage in content on the web whilst neglecting one of the most powerful marketing tools available – Direct Mail


A selection of mind blowing statistics about direct mail include:


18 – 34- Year-Olds prefer Direct Mail

It’s easy to think of young people as a generation attracted to the internet and all things digital but in a survey conducted by Forbes it was discovered that the 18 – 34 year old age group prefers hearing about products and services by direct mail,

Young adults are some of the best targets for lead conversion these days direct mail is not on the lips of every marketer but direct mail is relevant and can be a very powerful tool. 


Most Marketers Do Not Know How to Engage in Direct Mail

These days with the emphasis being on online digital advertising many marketers believe these days that direct mail is a waste of time, even if it’s power is recognised by marketers, they just don’t have the experience to engage effectively in a campaign. So what does this mean? The result is there isn’t much competition in direct mail. Depending on your industry. It’s likely these days your competitors are focusing on lead conversion online or through other traditional methods and completely ignoring

direct mail.


Statistics show ROI is highest for Direct Mail Campaigns

According to Target Marketing Magazine, the highest scoring form of marketing

For business – to – consumer and business-to-business was direct mail according to a recent study. Return on investment and contact retention was higher with direct mail

than social media marketing,


It is recognised that social media is an evolving platform but the power of direct mail cannot be ignored.


Response Rates can Reach as High as 6.5%

A Typical direct mail campaign may expect to receive a very acceptable two percent response. This can be dramatically improved with the use of personal one to one communications or colour print campaigns. By employing these techniques to optimise your direct mail efforts, response rates can typical reach 6.5%  compared with 0.12% for an email broadcast according to statistics.


Direct Mail Composes 52.7% of the National marketing Budget.

Marketers in every industry collectively spend 52.7 % of th yearly marketing budget on direct mail. Industries like the motor trade still rely on direct mail for

lead conversion  despite the prevalence of social media. That said, direct mail is

an expensive form of marketing and marketers should consider a strategy to optimise

lead conversion  and more  return on investment.


Whilst social media and content marketing has gained prevalence online in recent times, it must be remembered that content marketing must not be limited to the online

World There are clear benefits that direct mail offers , whilst business is currently ignoring  it here is your chance to make an impact and benefit from the lack of competition…!


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