6 Ideas to breath life into your marketing campaign


Even though Direct Mail is one of the most effective forms of Traditional advertising Campaign

The mail campaign you send out doesn’t have to be traditional in nature By  injecting your mail campaigns with exciting ideas and content will surprise your readers and magnify there responses.. It is vital to infuse life into your mailing campaign to excite customers into doing business with you.


Take a look at the seven innovative ideas and consider incorporating into your next direct mail campaign. 


If Possible include a sample

Consumers love to receive free samples, whether it’s a shampoo sachet or a free

dish washer tablet , consider a free sample as part of your mail marketing strategy

 to grab the consumers attention . Giving samples is a great way to keep your brand in the

 mind of the customer. 


Follow the 3-strike rule

From previous experience a few of our customers suggest sending three separate highly targeted

mail campaigns  at weekly intervals to the same recipient, This way if the first letter is ignored

there is a 67% likelihood  that at least one of the letters will be read. Remember that although all

three letters must be related they must also be self contained pieces  each letter should make sense even if the others were not opened . Consider a follow up call to increase the chances of lead conversion.


Ask Questions

Asking questions is a subtle way of grabbing the recipient’s attention in a manner that makes them

want to keep reading. Consider asking questions that raise awareness about a problem or issue and

then state conveniently how your business can help



Be Creative with Packaging

From ‘ Do Not Open ‘  on the mailer to crinkly packages that look extremely mysterious

Present your communications in a certain ways that will want the recipient to open your

Marketing materials  


Have Content Campaign Strategies

Once you have their attention with mysterious packing, hang on to their focus by employing

Content creation practices in to your direct mail strategy. Content marketing is as effective in the

Physical world as it is in the digital one


Use a Newsletter

Regularly sending out a newsletter via direct mail is a strong marketing strategy because it keeps

customers in the loop with your business Whether it be your latest product and offerings or an

exciting announcement. Newsletters are a way to humanize your brand and help customers

emotionally connect with your business. 


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