Case Studies – Fulfilment

Take a look at just a couple of our fulfilment case studies and see how we helped grow these businesses




Emu oil medicated products from one of our long-standing healthcare customers presented a new spin on an old aboriginal healing remedy.  The oil is used to help wounds to heal quickly and to help sooth muscle and joint problems. Emu oil is used in a number of products we carry for the customer including shampoo, moisturiser, soap, body lotion and oil in its pure form. Emu oil is completely safe to use even on the most sensitive skin.a e- commerce & fulfilment service was required by the customer as the sales had increased beyond the customers capability.




The Fulfilment Process for Emu Oil Medicated Products included Stock, pick, pack and despatch


We to stock 18 SKU’s with an additional holding of 7.

  • Batch control by sell by date.
  • Despatch by Royal Mail 1st Class.
  • Orders are consolidated for a single despatch for customer.
  • An additional task is to separate chargers from the product starter packs.




Orders are received on a daily basis via a file uploaded on the SFTP site. Orders are picked & packed on a same day despatch basis.




Sales of Emu oil medicated products have sold steadily over 2013. Volume for 2014 is hard to evaluate but the recent news that 

Emu oil’s popularity is increasing by the week as poeple are discovering the multi purpose uses for the product.  

















Better Vits, a new vitamin supplement, has been developed  by a leading pharmaceutical company  in conjunction with a team of nutritional experts  to provide a range of advanced products  for horses, cats and dogs The exciting new range have been developed to the most exacting quality control  standards and conveniently delivered direct to the customers door.




The Fulfilment Process for the Vitamin Supplement products included Stock, Pick, Pack and Dispatch.


  • Hold  19 SKU’s  plus 9 further products.
  • Batch  control by sell by date.
  • Despatch via downstream access or carrier.
  • Single item despatch.
  • Additional Activity carried out to add stickers and leaflets to the products
  • Capacity to handle 3000 + orders a day.
  • Order confirmation ( with tracking info where appropriate).






Orders are received on a daily basis (midday cut off for same day despatch) via automated file import. Orders are picked and packed on a same day despatch basis.





Sales volume for 2014 is estimated at 612,00 orders. The option of collection is to be introduced in the second quarter.   


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