6 Tips to Get Your Direct Mail Opened


Once you have sent your direct mail to the recipients there’s nothing else to do

But to cross fingers and hope your communication gets read.




Instead of just relying on luck, just invest some time on making your message more.  Here are your 6 Tips to Get Your Direct Mail Opened.

Appealing to the recipient by making the most of your efforts and packaging.


Here’s How…


Hand write the mailing address

Avoid your message looking mass-produced by handwriting the mailing address, it feels more personal even if the receiver knows it is marketing material. it will appeal to the recipient enough to get the communication opened.


Use colour in your mail piece

There is no need to go over the top with an explosion of colours but by the

Same token you don’t want to be lost in in a sea of mail, you want to ensure that your

material stands out and is easily recognisable, people tend to be visual and with the right

amount of colour your message will be more appealing.


Open with your special proposition

If you think that a recipient’s attention span is low, instead of just trying to build excitement

To your special proposition come straight to the point and open with it., this ensures the important

part of your proposition grabs the recipient’s attention  gets your offer read even if they ignore

the rest of the letter.  


Issue a Call to Action

Encourage the recipient to take action on receiving your communication, instead of having no

 Message or a tired strap line like ‘Private & Confidential’, use phrases that encourage the

 Recipient to take action  by using strap lines such as ‘ Open Now  for your Free  sample’

Alternatively, ‘ immediate opening required’ this type of style of statement is more likely

to get your mail opened.


Inspire Curiosity

At the end of the day it is the recipient’s curiosity, which determines whether your mail gets opened. The more ways you can make it more appealing and a ‘ must open package ‘  make it friendly, personal  and too important to be ignored  and you will be able to ensure your sent mail is read.


Keep it simple and stay low -key

Whilst you may want to stand out from the crowd try and keep things simple. Remember

Most mail will be opened by other people rather than the intended recipient, if you mail looks

too much like advertising it may end up thrown in the bin unopened.


By implementing the above will not only boost your return on investment and will ensure

a more successful campaign. 


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