integrating direct mail with online marketing

It is easy to separate your marketing strategy into different categories; social media traditional advertising and direct mail. This can be a huge mistake as the reality is that all these methods can be combined to create a powerful marketing tool that converts potential leads in to business. You can create a more holistic marketing strategy by integrating your business blogging with your direct mail which will maximise as much of  your marketing impact as possible.


You can effectively integrate your marketing methods by  


Directing your direct mail recipients to go online.

By directing your customers to your website you are enhancing the brand experience and offering an environment for potential customers to remain engaged with your brand.

As an alternative to just directing customers to your site, why not create a specific landing page for direct mail recipients? This displays a personal approach

That many recipients will notice and respond to.


Aim online content for your mailing recipients

So you have decided to drive your Direct Mail recipients to your online content, 

Just make sure you have plenty of material for them to look at..

Business blogging will boost your content marketing strategy and ensure that visitors have the opportunity to learn more about your business, services and industry, This will allow you to naturally produce qualified leads without proactively seeking them out, If your direct mail is appealing the recipient will be curious enough to log on to your website. Most customers these days do their research online before making a purchase, make sure that you have enough online content  for them to peruse.


Don’t forget about creating a Call- to- Action.


Strategies that work in business blogging also work effectively in direct mail

Just as you would include a call to action in your blogs , like wise

your direct mail should include a strong call to action.

 By asking them to visit your website, it will be far easier to integrate your direct mail and blogging efforts, this will save you time, resources and energy.


Try measuring your results.


As well as using Analytics as a mechanism to judge success or failure of your business blogs you should measure the results of your direct mail campaigns by changing your call to action or tweaking the content, layout and design. By doing this you can ensure that your direct mail campaigns are as efficient as they can be.


By constantly refining your efforts, you can more effectively target potential clients

and grow your business. You will create a powerful strategy that will win over new and existing  customers.


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