Mailing Services & Social Media – Get The Most From Your Marketing Budget…

Social media as a form of marketing is relatively new compared to direct mail. And like most novel ideas, social media has been growing in popularity in the field of marketing. It has arguably become the latest trend in marketing and is a very hot topic.

Although both direct mail and social media have their merits, businesses do not necessarily have to choose one over the other. In fact direct mail can be an effective tool in introducing a company’s website and social media profile to its potential customers. Creating websites and social media profiles does not automatically translate to being found. People still need to know that the company, the product, the website and the social media profile exist and mailing services is still a cost-effective way of achieving this and we do this successfully across Essex, Herts and London.

In the past, a direct mail postcard may have an 0800 number and a message that states “£50.00 off for the 1st 100 callers” as a call to action. These days, in addition to the 0800 number, it is not uncommon for a postcard to include the company’s website, the Facebook or twitter logo or even a QR code to their Google Plus page. Undoubtedly, direct mail and social media marketing can work hand- in- hand to increase sales and exposure of a company. A direct mail postcard can effectively announce an upcoming sale and the call to action is to visit the website or a facebook page. A website or a facebook page can provide substantial information about the company and a more in-depth coverage of its products or services, sales or special offers. Events can also be promoted through Twitter and Google Plus where visitors are highly engaged.

A company’s website, Facebook, Google Plus and twitter feed can also be a great tool to enhance a company’s relationship with their customers. Through data gathered from these channels, a company can have a better “picture” of their customer base as well as the ability to interact directly with their customers.

Given the popularity of social media marketing, a company cannot go wrong incorporating this newer form of marketing with the tried and tested direct mail marketing. If you would like more information regarding ways we can help integrate your direct mail into your social media efforts across Essex, Herts etc..,take a look at our testimonials give us a call at: 01992 524343 or click Contact Us