Postal Discounts

Royal Mail

BMS is an accredited member of the Royal Mail Strategic Mailing Partnership. Acceptance is based on maintaining high standards in all areas and adhering to stringent parameters for data handling, print and mailing quality.

Postal Discounts

Some of the services used to achieve discounts:

  • Business mail
  • Advertising mail
  • Downstream access
  • International sortation
  • Publishing mail
  • Standard tariff reductions for low volumes

The savings are based on a variety of parameters, such as size, weight, quantity and delivery time.


We can advise you as to the best options open to you.

To ascertain if your data is suitable for discounts, we will take your database and process it through our software to illustrate how much you could save. This is a Free of Charge service to all our clients.

For further information and pricing on Mailsort and Pricing in Proportion please visit: The Royal Mail website.

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