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What is a Webkey, and how does it work?DSCF2217

A Webkey is a USB device but is programmed to direct the recipient to a website landing page and record specific information once inserted into a computer.

You may think that a Webkey looks like a USB flash drive that you might plug into your computer for storing or transporting files. The webkey performs a totally different function. Inserting a USB Webkey into a free port on your computer automatically launches your web browser to a pre defined web page.


A growing number of organisations use USB webkeys as free promotional  items to publicize websites or a specific web page. The Webkeys are small and light, which makes them easy to mail out to customers or potential customers. Or to give away at shows and exhibitions. An organisation might mail out or give away a USB Webkey as part of the launch of a new corporate website,

Or to promote a new microsite for a specific advertising, marketing or charity campaign


Each USB Webkey contains a small program that activates when the user inserts the key into the computers USB port. The data file contains routing information for the URL address of the website that the device promotes. The Webkey works in the same way that clicking a hyperlink in a word processing document or email message will automatically launch your web browser and open the linked web page. The webkey can also include a data file with a website tracking script to provide statistics on the number of people who visit the website with a key.





What sort of response rate can I expect?  

A typical Direct Mail response rate is usually between 0.5% and 2%.


Can I track the response ?


One of the best aspects of a webkey is that each and every one has a unique code. Not only can you detect in your web analytics when a webkey has driven a prospect to your web page, but you can detect which webkey and hence which prospect it was!


Can the webkey be branded for us ?

Of course. Here at Best Mailing Services we have many years experience of creating superbly branded digital media. We offer branding and packaging solutions that will make it almost impossible for your prospect to resist the lure of your Webkey.


Can I segment my campaign ?

One of the great benefits of webkey is that you can segment with different landing pages on your website for each campaign segment. You could even provide personalised content or offers for the prospect.

Just tell us the url’s you require and we will code them up for you.


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